Vision & Mission 

Ignorance is a curse whereas knowledge is a tool for enlightenment that liberates homo-sapiens from the shackles of obscurantism and dogmatism. This vision forms the basis of the core value of K.M.D. College Parbatta as an institution of higher education ever since its inception on 1956 This institution has taken a task unto itself to provide high quality education at an affordable expense to students hailing from rural and urban background in a very conducive academic environment. It strives to equip students with knowledge and skill that allow them to make greater contribution to society and in nation-building. It has always made a relentless endeavor to prepare students to meet new challenges, demands and aspirations of the society in unlocking and harnessing new knowledge, innovative ideas, building cultural understanding and modeling an environment that promote dialogue and debate. We believe that“We cannot always build future for youth but we can build youth for future.”Therefore, our college has successfully been working to its vision and bond to develop it as an educational hub of some consequence where multicultural cosmopolitan values and humanism may prosper under the tutelage of the constitution of India and faith in democratic values.


The college is successfully working on its principle

·               To inculcate ethical, human and cultural values imbued with sense of participation facilitating holistic growth.

·               To provide education accessible to all sections of the society.

·               To encourage critical thinking and analytical skills among the students to instil a sense of responsibility actuated by indomitable courage to scale new heights of excellence.

·               To inculcate “Gender Equality” and “Respect for Individual’s Right” in a multi-cultural society as a sacrosanct principle.

·               To lay emphasis on “ICT Oriented Teaching and Learning” along with “Chalk and Talk” method.

·               To promote scientific temper among the students to adapt to technological advancement and innovative ideas.

·               To prepare skilled professional with essential scruples to compete in diverse global environment.